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A semester away from Wisconsin brought Bill Murphy new insights.
Styczynski lab is studying how metabolic alterations effect differentiation.
Tom Bongiorno from the Sulchek will present his work at BMES.
Trainees from around the world participate in intensive 1 week short course.
Bob Nerem and Todd McDevitt from Georgia Tech part of team
McDevitt comments on Balaji Rao work in Scientific American
Presenation on Personalized Medicine & Stem Cells
Was selected by a committee of the leading matrix biologist
$630,000, for promising new research that focuses on how the body can harness its own potential to heal or regenerate following trauma or disease.
McDevitt 1 of 4 experts consulted
Todd McDevitt gives a presentation, after a year-long study, on Bioprocessing and Biomanufacturing
Barbara Boyan remarks on challenges of getting getting great ideas to market in the regenerative medicine field.
Researchers could also go beyond neurons to study things like tumors and stem cells.
TAP Biosystems has installed an advanced micro bioreactor system (ambr) at the Georgia Institute of Technology to determine optimal conditions for culturing stem cell lines
Levine comments in Nature Medicine.
Scientists are struggling with the logistics of obtaining cell lines, from a survey of more than 200 US human embryonic stem cell researchers.
The pages of this FiscalYear 2011 Annual Report are filled with many examples of how our students, faculty, staff, and friends are building Georgia Tech’s momentum in support of the goals outlined in the strategic plan.
Discussed the importance of understanding the effects of the stem cell therapies.
GT researchers investigate the potential of using stem cells to heal wounds.
Stem Cell Research Debated in Georgia
Opinions on Stem Cell Resarch in Georgia