Stem Cell Ethics and Policy Seminar

Location: Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering & Bioscience, Room 1128(404) 894-6228

Location Phone: (404) 894-6228

As science and technology continue to advance, so do ethical viewpoints surrounding these developments. It is important to educate and explore the issues, scientifically and ethically.

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Aaron Levine, PhD


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Oct. 22 2013 1:30 pm - 2:45 pm

"Backwards by Design: Building Ethics, Law, and Policy into a Stem Cell Science Curriculum"

Christopher Thomas Scott, PhD
Director, Program on Stem Cells in Society
Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics

The Greek notion of didacticism emphasized instruction through entertainment. Modern use of the term didactic refers to teaching that is boring, pedantic, and overly factual. During a research project examining the professional decisions of stem cell scientists, we observed how they understand and communicate ethics, policy, and law-related topics. How could we more effectively teach these subjects within the context of science scholarship? This talk describes an experiment at Stanford University that channels the old Greek spirits to teach students more about ethics, law, and policy - by lecturing less.  

Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics

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