International Advanced Course on Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing

Located in Algarve, Portugal

The next healthcare revolution will apply regenerative medicine using human cells and tissues. The aim of the regenerative medicine approach is to create biological therapies or substitutes in vitro for the replacement or restoration of tissue function in vivo lost through failure or disease. However, while science has revealed the potential, and early products have shown the power of such therapies, there is an immediate and long term need for a supply of people properly trained with the necessary skills to face the engineering and life science challenges before the predicted benefits in human healthcare can be realized.
The last 15 years has seen the growth of a new and global healthcare industry based on human proteins produced in engineered organisms with a current market value of £30 billion a year (BioprocessUK). There is now an opportunity to replicate this growth in the new industry of regenerative medicine. For regenerative medicine to become an everyday reality in the healthcare system, and to realize the potential of new biological therapies, the field requires a growing capacity of engineers and scientists with the multidisciplinary skills required to generate new products, consistent manufacturing processes as well as appropriate business and cost structures that meet stringent clinical and regulatory requirements. This Advanced Course brings together experts from across the field to equip students with the necessary skills so that the area of regenerative medicine can grow as an industry and realize its potential to contribute to the world economy.

Quesitons? Contact organizers:

Joaquim Cabral (Portugal)
Christopher Hewitt (United Kingdom)
Todd McDevitt (USA)

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